Rideau Hall is Ready to Host Mental Health Event

The residents of Ottawa will have a chance to come out from behind the masks and do more to battle mental illness easily – at Rideau Hall this fall. Sharon Johnston, wife of Gov. Gen. David Johnston is going to conduct a Masquerade for Mental Health on September 9. The event will be hosted at Rideau Hall from evening 6 to around 9:30.

Why We Need to Look to Battle Mental Illnesses

Mental illness is associated with stigmas and taboo all around the world. The general lack of awareness and understanding about mental illness leaves the patients more vulnerable than ever discouraging them to come out with their problems. Many people with mental illness do not seek help making matters worse for their families and friends who have no idea how to help them.

About the Event

The Masquerade at Ottawa will see more than 40 mental health organizations from Canada participating in the day’s event. They will be giving out information on helping people with mental illness and providing support to their loved ones. Young residents who are victim of mental diseases will be encouraged and informed of ways to improve their wellbeing along with others. The authorities are taking care not only of the mental health of Canadian population but they are also highly concerned about the cleanness of online gambling websites. In such a case you can while the time away trying out one of the credible sources like ValleyGames amusement guide and find online casino suitable your taste.

Sharon Johnston commented that many people hide behind a mask without disclosing their mental illness because they cannot overcome what the society thinks about them. She expects that nobody will need to remain behind a mask if people learn to treat mental patients in the proper way. All the organizations taking part in the event were visited by Johnston during her travels across the country.

The program hosted by her will make an attempt to bring out the innovative vest practices of the industry along with shedding light on the different preventive strategies being used in different parts of Canada. She hopes that the event sends out a positive message to the mentally ill patients and engages them along with educating the common people. She urged everybody to stand together with mental patients so that they can come out of their masks.

The program is supported by Bell Let’s Talk and they will help convert the premises of Rideau Hall into an activity center for the public. People will be able to join interactive sessions and take part in different activities other than watching Canadian artists’ live performances.

What Would You Love About It?

What Would You Love About It?

One interesting part of the event is the idea of everyone making their individual masks and wearing it till the ending parts of the Masquerade. Then they will be invited to take it off – which actually symbolizes your acceptance and solidarity to mental illness victims.

The initiative has been lauded by local residents and there is a growing awareness among the general population about the deadly and invisible illness. More initiatives like this are welcomed and can go a long way in changing how metal illness is still perceived by the majority.

It’s worth a go!