How Canadian government cares about dental health?

Canada is one of the best countries in the world which make sure that the health services which are provided to the people are the best. Canada has one of the best healthcare systems in the world. The dentistry in Canada is directly managed by the Health Department of Canada which makes sure that the people associated with the field are registered. Dentistry is a very diverse subject and therefore same care and perfection is what the Health Canada wants. The dentistry of Canada is very advanced and with the new inceptions, it is being improved further. Though it is a bit costly it makes sure that the teeth health remains in the best shape.

Dental problems and Indigenous Canadians

The oral health programs are launched by the health Canada from time to time. It makes sure that awareness is created among the general public. The department is not aware of the fact which programs are benefitting the indigenous Canadians. It is a point of concern for the government which has forced them to revisit the programs. Inuit and the First Nation people are the affected ones. Health Canada is concerned with this and plans are being devised which will be exclusive to these nations. These programs will make sure that these nations are targeted for the dental problems.

Children and dental health issues

It is the worse part of the dentistry in Canada. The children in Canada and especially belonging to the indigenous tribes are not being provided with the dental health care which they deserve. It has been noted by the department of health that the number of children which are being helped for their dental issues is declining in number. The oral health for the same reason is also declining. The non-insured health benefits of the program launched by Health Canada are also not helping the children of the country. It is regarded as a point of concern for the health department.

Children and dental health issues

Cavities and adolescents

The Inuit organization has made sure that the data is shared with the Health Canada. There are some points of huge concerns. The report suggests that with the declining number of children it has also been noted that about 90% of the adolescents have the problem of cavities. There are certain areas in Canada which have been highlighted. The data shows that the regions which have this problem do not have or have very few numbers of dentists. The Health Canada is advised by the subsidiary organizations to take action to curb the issue completely.

Future plans

Health Canada has devised the plans to make sure that oral health is provided to all the people in Canada. This is a step by step process which will be carried out in such a manner that the factor of effectiveness remains as it is. The best part of this plan is the fact that local dentists will be deployed in their respective areas. It will make sure that every region has its own dentist which will eliminate the problem to some extent.